All metrology equipment is N.A.T.A calibrated.

High Accuracy Mitutoyo DCC CMM operates in 3 axis XYZ. N.A.T.A calibrated. Inbuilt thermocouples for temperature compensation. CMM resolution 0.1 micron (0.0001mm). Programmable online or offline utilizing Mitutoyo MCosmos software.

Mitutoyo High Accuracy DCC CMM

Renishaw PH10MQ articulating probe head. Operates in 2 axis A & B each axis has steps of 7.5 degrees giving 720 discreet probe positions. Repeatability of position < 0.0005. < 0.5micron

Renishaw PH10MQ Programmable Probe Head

Renishaw TP200 probe. Measuring repeatability 0.0004mm 0.4micron.

Renishaw TP200 6 directions probe

Renishaw Styles Change rack SCR200 allows for 6 different length and diameter styli to be used. In combination with the Renishaw PH10ís 720 discreet positions thatís over 4300 probe angles combinations ensuring virtually features no matter how complex can be accurately inspected.

Renishaw Stylus Change Rack SCR 200

Mitutoyo DCC CMM

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